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Because source fume capture does remove fume at the source, it keeps the efficiency high of your laser welder

Source fume does limit the efficiency of the laserbeam

Besides toxicity and other reasons to collect weld fumes, such as safety regulations, laser welders need a fume free environment so the laser can perform at its optimal level.

If fume builds up near the laser, the particles within the fume can refract the laser beam, making the process both less efficient and less precise.

It is like driving in fog with your lights on. Fog or no fog makes a huge difference in visibility, this is the same for laser welding as we also use light! Without fume (even invisible) the laser light reaches fully the welding parts without diffraction.

You can weld better, faster and with bigger efficiency with direct fume extraction!!

Invisible laser welding plume reducing the efficiency of the laser beam

Infra red picture of the laser welding beam efficiency reduction by welding fume

How an invisible laser welding plume is formed made visual by a thermal camera

The laser welding plume forming is blocking the laser light and reduce the efficiency of any laser Welding Machine: this is why we need "on the source" fume extraction