Car restoration is an art and a science

Non deformation welding keep your precious Car withing the correct tolerance.

Whether you’re rebuilding a muscle car from a scattered collection of old parts or you’re restoring an antique car that has all of its original parts but has been sitting and collecting dust for decades, it’s important to keep the spirit of the car in mind. When car restoration is your business, it’s just as important to make restoration choices that appeal to audiences and potential buyers. That’s why using auto restoration laser welding by PhotonWeld-A800 Laser welding machine is all about preserving, protecting and keep it original.

The most important rule of restoring antique and exotic cars is to keep as much of the original as you can. Finding a car with all the original parts, and in pristine condition is nearly impossible. Even if you track one down, it will carry a hefty price tag. But if you’re in the market of restoring old cars, you don’t want well-preserved models in factory condition. You want the ones that can only be saved by an expert. Lasermach with it's PhotonWeld Laser Welding Machine for Car bodywork  can help you to keep everything in the correct dimensions without deformation or  weakening heat affected zones from electrical Welding.