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Unser Team aktualisiert alle Informationen zum neuen Photonweld-Laserschweißgerät

PhotonWeld-A1600 ® - Einfach der beste Laserschweißer

Die PhontonWeld ® A-Serie ist ein umweltfreundliches tragbares Faserlaser-Handschweißgerät, das auf der revolutionären EcolEner 976-nm-Pumpentechnologie basiert.

Die derzeit auf dem Markt angebotenen Laserschweißgeräte sind heute hauptsächlich wassergekühlte Lösungen. Ihre Wärme wird dem Laser durch den externen Kühlmittelkreislauf des Kühlers mit großem Belüftungssystem entzogen. Die PhotonWeld ®-Serie konzentriert sich darauf, im ersten Schritt weniger Wärme zu erzeugen und dann die verlorene Energie für die Kühlung zu reduzieren. Unsere superhohe photoelektrische Umwandlungseffizienz der 976nm EcolEner-Technologie hat dieses Problem auf kreative Weise gelöst. Die Erzeugung von mindestens 20 % weniger Wärme als jede andere Laserquelle in Kombination mit einem hocheffizienten, wechselrichtergesteuerten, optimierten Luftkühlsystem schafft eine wirklich nachhaltige Schweißmaschine mit hohen ökologischen und wirtschaftlichen Vorteilen im Vergleich zu jeder anderen Laserschweißmaschine auf dem Markt.

Wir haben die luftgekühlte 976-nm-Technologie zum ersten Mal in der Branche eingeführt, die eine drastische Reduzierung des Stromverbrauchs und eine perfekte Tragbarkeit schafft, und mit dieser erfolgreichen Kombination übernehmen wir die Führung in der technischen Entwicklungsrichtung des Faserlaser-Handschweißens Maschinen.

The new PhotonWeld A-Pro will replace the PhotonWeld A-series starting from 01-2024.

1600/2200 Watt Continue Laser Welding Power

Only 220V - mono phase electric connection needed!!

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Our team is upgrading all info on the new Photonweld Laserwelding machine

Real Portable Laser Welding Machine

Simply the best Handheld Laser Welding Machine

ONE model: PhotonWeld-A1600 ®


220V 16A MONO Standard netplug

The new PhotonWeld A-Pro will replace the PhotonWeld A-series starting from 01-2024.


  • Machine Weight < 48 kg
  • Heigth = 621 mm (with wheels)
  • Width = 300 mm
  • Depth = 650 mm
  • Continue Laser Welding Power = 1580 Watt
  • Maximum Pulse Peak laser Welding power : 2800 Watt
  • High ECO energy Saving Laser Source with EcolEner® Technology


Product characteristics

  • MAX continue output power 1585W,  Max Pulse Peak Power = 2500 W
  • Welding depth in Continue mode reach to 6 mm
  • 976nm pump technology ,high efficiency WPE ≥42%
  • Simple pendulum welding head,adjustable welding width 0-5mm
  • Laser frequency = 1070 +-10nm
  • Weight <62kg, compact design ,small size 
  • Air cooling technology, ultra energy-saving invertor drive
  • Upply voltage 220VAC-50/60Hz - connection needed: 220V-18A
  • Triple safety protection
  • build-in gaz/air pressure monitoring
  • Works with most protection-gasses : Argon, Nitrogen, Ar+/CO2mix, comprressed air,..
  • Dimensions : 650 x 300 x 621 mm
  • With EcolEner Energy saving technologie

The new PhotonWeld A-Pro will replace the PhotonWeld A-series starting from 01-2024.

Material Welding Range PhotonWeld-A2-T60

Material Thickness single side Thickness both sides
Stainless steel ≤6mm ≤12mm
Mild steel ≤5mm ≤10mm
Aluminum ≤4mm ≤8mm
Brass ≤1mm ≤2mm
Copper ≤1mm ≤2mm
These values are indicational and depend of the material welded    

Controller with smart Welding Technology database integrated!

Never forget a special welding parameter setting anymore

  • Welding Technology Database available with recommended settings for most of the materials
  • 58 preprogrammed weld settings for all materials and thicknesses
  • 18 weld settings free to program to make your own "specials"
  • Keep special jobs with special settings in the memory ! 
  • let the controller advise you and you can do the fine tuning to make the welding even better adapted to your specific job
  • Super fast changeover to another welding job
  • Save or select your different materials optimal settings with one fingertip.

For a Greener Tomorrow

PUT all the pieces together and invest in a photonweld laser Welding Machine

Owing to the high conversion efficiency of the Fiber laser, you can slash your electricity bill. The energy efficiency achieves values of between 40 and 50% – exceptional for laser technology.

Everybody calls the laser welding machines they produce : "Handheld and Portable". 

But for us Portable means really portable:

 1600 Watt Continious Laser Welding Power

52kg total weigth

Single 220 V-16A connection plug

resist till -10°C in winter time


See for yourself the difference in our Demo Center

PhotonWeld-A2+ Features

Higher Efficiency

Independent intellectual property rights 976nm high-efficiency energy-saving technology,high-brightness single-module laser technology

New air-cooled technology platform architecture,active refrigerant type heat dissipation

Optical Light conversion rate is 2 to 3 times higher than the standard laser sources


More Portable

The weight and volume are better than water cooled hand-held laser welding machine, and the volume is about 1/4, the weight is about 1/3 of it

Extremely lightweight body, so that the application scene has nearly doubled, take it with you, plug and play (220V)

The integrated body design conforms to ergonomics and improves the mobile reliability of the whole machine

Easy to load ,more portable


Easy to Operate

Compared with operating traditional welding machines, novice welders do not need a lot of time training and experience accumulation, and only need a few hours of learning to get started easily

The machine presets 55 sets of commonly used welding parameters, which can be quickly switched to the best welding parameters according to different materials and thickness.

Set parameters through the panel, the operation is very intuitive and concise, and can be customized and saved at the same time

Built-in 55 programs+ customizable


Better performance

In different materials and thickness, better welding effect, without distortion, undercut or burn-through.

The process is smooth and beautiful, deep penetration, small deformation, no need for subsequent processing


Improve Efficiency

Compared with the traditional welding method, it has unparalleled speed advantage, and the efficiency can reach nearly 10 times in some scenarios.

The welding seam is beautiful and has no deformation, which improves the one-time pass rate of the workpiece, only a small amount of solder splashes, reduces the subsequent grinding and polishing process, improves the pass rate, improves efficiency, reduces waste, and reduces the cost of workpieces


More Safety

Our Laser welder is IV class laser products. In order to operate safely ,require protective measures .

Key switch and an emergency stop button to ensure the safety of operation with color LED lights

QBH interlock ensure the laser transmission integrity

Work-piece and welding head interlock,The laser will automatically off when welding heading leaves the work-piece

Control panel and Interface

All interfaces are uniformly arranged on the back of the machine, clearly marked tofacilitate quick start

Fiber delivery cable,gas pipes and control cables are pre assembled into the protective cable (5m/10m)

Plug in AC power supply, insert the protective gas , set the parameters, and fix the work-piece to be processed,and the welder will be ready to operated.

Access advance parameter setting page through Ethernet /WIFI, fine adjust and save the parameters

Full range of welding nozzles comes as a standard!

Welding nozzles for welding with and without wire feeder include

Simple menu for welding modus selection

Every welding pulse 100% equal.

Special Programmable pulse welding  function for pre-assembly

To be able to assemble all you parts invisible we introduced the programmable pulse. Every assembling weld will be equal and invisible. Pulse programmable per milisecond : 1 till 1000 msec. With ramping up and ramping down!

Unique for assemblies, point welds, pressure welds, invisible welds, ...

Most compact Full CW power Laser Welding Machine on the market

Big welding power in a small box!!

1100 and 1600 Watt Laser Welding power                                                                                                                      

NEW and MUCH BETTER: PhotonWeld A-Series

With dual wire feed - till 2 x 1.6mm = 3.2 mm wide wire infeed laser welding

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