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Laser WELDING Learning Center

NEW - November 2022

Laser Welding Demo Center - Laser Welding Training Center - Laser Welding School

Laser Welding education center - Laser Welding Test Centrum - Laser Welding Training Centrum - Laser Welding Demo Centrum

Fiber laser system manufacturer and Designer lasermach plans to open a new demo and traing center in Belgium.  The demo center will allow current and potential customers to view live demonstrations of various laser systems in a safe and correct enviroment. Also training, learning and education about working with lasers and with laser safety will be central!  It is a way for lasermach to bring all the advantages of laser technology closer to the manufacturing industry in europe. 

The new Demo-Training Center of Lasermach signifies a growing international presence for the Belgian premium laser system provider  for the metal business. The fiber laser systems are used primarily for processing metals and metalic materials.

Training and Demo Centrum for Wobble Laser Welding Technology - Laser Welding School

Free Trial Welding - Free Testing Laser Welding

Your position reference for our new laser welding Test and Demo Center

Test yourself our machines so you can feel the revolutionary technology yourself

50°45'08.3"N 3°10'59.1"E

50.752311, 3.183076

Rue de lEchauffourée 31G - B7700 Mouscron Belgium

tel : +32 56 333 240

Mettiti alla prova con la nostra saldatrice laser prima di acquistarla!

Vuoi sapere se la tua produzione può essere eseguita con la nostra saldatrice, basta chiamare e possiamo organizzare il collaudo delle tue parti

Training a new generation of welders: laser Welders


Our Laser demo center will help you find the best solution!

Test products before buying them

Lasermach pays great attention to our customer satisfaction. For this reason we offer you to use our modern demo center that will help you solve your machining problems.  Our Wobble Demo center has up to date equipment including most recent laser wobble machines that we offer in our program. 

So you can test each product before buying it. In this way we facilitate your purchasing decision.

How can our demo center help you to find the best solution for your welding problems?

Our business partners can test the operation and advantages of all the machines from our program on their own product (or on our materials) and with the help of our trained sales technicians find the best solution for individual machining problems.  When cooperating with us you will get a partner who will based on his longstanding experiences, knowledge and up to date equipped demo center know how to solve your machining problems.

ATB = Approved Training Body

Laser Welding training from the first maker of laser welding equipment in Europe

EV battery cell welding testing

Optimal welding by the new precision pulse controll = every pointweld is perfect

Laser application laboratory

Soon available in our new laser Welding and Laser cleaning DEMO center

Lasermach Laser Welding Experience Center

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