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PhotonWeld Wobble6R-PRO+: our VERY BEST Robot/Cobot Laser Welding Unit

The new reference for Robot/Cobot/cnc laser welding

NEW: Wobble-6R-PRO+: Dual-axis Swinging Welding Head

Spot type: O - 8 - ∞ - — - | --- Spot dimension adjustable

Wobble-6R-PRO+ for robot, cobot and automation - Available for shipping from 03 2022

Fiber Laser Welding packages robot-ready from 1 till 6 kW to build on Robots, cobots and automated machines


Max: 2000 Watt

Standard Version

1000 - 1500 - 2000 Watt Available


Max: 3000 Watt

High Power Version

3000 Watt


Max: 4000 Watt

High Power Version

4000 Watt


Max: 6000 Watt

High Power Version

Max 6000 Watt

Super easy to install - package fully ready to start - with auto selection of 7 different welding programs

4 Screws, 1 gas connection and 4 relais contacts from robot or cobot to connect, thats all it takes to mount our laser welder on any exisitng or new robot-cobot

Lasermach new product Wobble-6R-PRO+ high-power wobble welding system is released! It highly integrates high-power two-dimensional scanning galvanometer, control system, human-machine interface, observation camera, QBH, collimator lens, focusing lens and other optical components. It does not need an external controller. It can directly control the galvanometer and laser, and supports external IO triggers to start and supports secondary development of customer remote interface. It can be widely used in high-end processing fields such as laser welding and laser quenching of wide welds. The system is stable and reliable, compact in structure, precise in optical path, good in sealing, exquisite appearance, light in weight and easy to install.

the new Wobble-6R-PRO+ high-power swing welding system supports linear, rectangular, circular, elliptical, figure 8 and other swing modes, each of which is adjustable in length and width; supports rotation, and each mode can modify the rotation angle online according to the welding path;  The mode supports the independent setting of the power on both sides to support the user's research and implementation of complex processes; it supports the storage and import of 64 sets of programming parameters, which can be combined freely, giving users the flexibility to program different welding paths.

The Wobble-6R-PRO+ can provide a wealth of interfaces and DEMO development codes, support MODBUS protocol, and support customers to quickly integrate all controls into their own main control software. It also supports laser alarm shutdown, online recording of temperature curves in 3 key temperature zones, and abnormal alarm shutdown.  It uses high-speed high-performance scanning galvanometer, high swing frequency, faster welding speed and higher efficiency. It will be your better working partner for high-end welding!

Dimensions of our new Wobble6R-PRO+ laser welding head for robot, cobot and cnc

Wobble6R-PRO+ 2000Watt 3000Watt
Max Laser Power resistance 2000Watt 3000Watt
Swing width <15mm <15mm
Swing speed <15000mm/s <15000mm/sec
Swing frequency <2KHz <2kHz
Repeatability <1um <1µm
Long time work drift <10um <10µm
Swing mode Straight line/rectangle/circle/ellipse/8 character Straight line/rectangle/circle/ellipse/8 character
Modify the rotation angle online Yes yes
Maximum number of programmable parameter groups 16 64
Observation camera Yes Yes
Seam tracking NO NO
Water-cooled waterway Yes Yes
Lens protection airway Yes Yes
Workpiece protection gas circuit Yes Yes
Weight (gram) 4300 4580g
Dimensions LWH (mm) 116x179x167 121x179x169

Direct input of the wobbling program into the digital display

Simple and Fast programming and selecting

7 possible laser modus settings controllable by ROBOT/COBOT

selection of welding modus by combination of 3 I/O outputs from ROBOT or COBOT program 
3M-function control of laser settings
7 power settings + 7 wobble form settings + 7 wobble direction setting + 7 wobble speed settings

Plug in Easy connection to

any Robot or Cobot or CNC


On Screen monitoring of the position, form and intensity of the laser beam

Visual following of the wobble form

Many wobble forms and wobble dimensions available

Angular rotation of wobble form is possible

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