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Lightweight but Powerful - Air Cooled - Compact - Ecological correct - Sustainable - Big Economical Savings

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PhotonWeld Series = 10 in 1 = Multifunctional Tool

Welding - Spotwelding - Cutting - Cleaning - Deburring - Edge Rounding

1 - PhotonWeld: Laser Welding without material infeed

2 - PhotonWeld: Laser Welding with material infeed

3 - PhotonWeld: Laser Welding of dissimilar metals

4 - PhotonWeld: Laser Spot Welding

5 - PhotonWeld: Laser Cutting

6 - PhotonWeld: Laser Cleaning

7 - PhotonWeld: Laser Deburring

8 - PhotonWeld: Edge Rounding

PhotonWeld Series

Real "ECOLOGICAL" welding

Class A+++

Minimal 22% less energy consumption compared to any other laser welding Machine


Other laser welding machines use standard laser sources which are only energy class B, A or A+ 

PhotonWeld © - the reference in real portable sustainable Laser Welding machines

Simply "THE" Best!

PhotonWeld-A Series

A = AIR COOLED "by Heatpump" PREMIUM LASER WELDING MACHINES - Portable Air cooled laser welding machines with high efficient Inverter driven heathpump and with 100% uptime capability

PhotonWeld-A-PRO Series

The Best is now even made better : A-Pro Version

Premium Heat-pump cooled Portable, rugged and rain proof laser Welding Machine - Feels and Looks like a normal Welding machine

NEW: Complete upgraded version!!! (09/2023)

A new star is born!

Better, you CANNOT find!

Portable Laser Welding Machine 

Rain resisitant (class IPX3)

with liquid gas injection cooling direct into the lasersource 

= 3x more efficient and till 70% more energy saving in the cooling cycle

Available in 3 models:

PhotonWeld A-PRO-T40: 

Welds 4,0 mm Stainless Steel - 3,5 mm Aluminium

PhotonWeld A-PRO-T55: 

Welds 5,5mm Stainless Steel - 5,0 mm Aluminium

PhotonWeld A-PRO-T70: 

Welds 7,0 mm Stainless Steel - 6,0 mm Aluminium

PLUS Cleaning, Cuttting, Deburring, pointwelding, rounding, ...

Runs full power from -20°C till +60°C on 100% Duty

runs on 220V 16A Mono standard plug 

PhotonWeld A-Series

Second generation: PhotonWeld-A2 Series Simply The Best

Our First Real Portable laser welding machine on the market since 04 2020

2nd Generation of our first build machine

Economical Heat pump cooling with air


First Laser Welding machine with

 liquid gas injection cooling direct into the laser

Still available in 3 models:


PhotonWeld A2-T40: 

Welds 4 mm Stainless Steel - 3 mm Aluminium

PhotonWeld A2-T60: 

Welds 6mm Stainless Steel - 5 mm Aluminium

PhotonWeld A2-T80: 

Welds 8 mm Stainless Steel - 6 mm Aluminium

PLUS Cleaning, Cuttting, Deburring, pointwelding, rounding, ...

Runs full power from -10°C till +55°C on 100% Duty

runs on 220V 16A Mono standard plug 


Goto PhotonWeld-A

PhotonWeld© with EcolEner© Technology

The Best and most ecological Portable Laser Welder on the market today

PhotonWELD © enhances Lasermach’s corporate sustainability programs as it is designed to enable a more environmentally friendly welding process offering very low electric consumption, low fume generation, low noise operation, and a drastic reduction of consumables, post processing clean up and reduced scrap disposal.

Far More Cost-savings

Respect the enviroment better than any other welding machine

With the small footprint design and its electro-optical conversion efficiency which is almosgt higher than 40%, and it's maintenance-free concept,( laser source is designed to resist more than 100.000, hours lifetime) our PhotonWeld portable laser Welding machine is far more costeffective and far superior to other types of lasers of the same power. We have adopted the newest international standard optical fiber QSC output head and international standard serial port controls. The invertor driven aircooling compressor from the internal economical heath pump is safe and environmentally friendly, till 40% more energy-saving and more durable, and stable working performance with longer service time than before and others

Rethinking Welding for a Sustainable Future

Currently, the metal welding sector accounts also for of part of global carbon emissions.

According to experts, this number is expected to increase dramatically by 2030, which leaves a clear incentive for the industry to deliver significant reductions in emissions in the years to come. 
With our New PhotonWeld© High Efficient Laser Welding Machine with the revolutionary EcolEner® Energy Saving Technology based on 976nm pumping Technology, we are able to increase the Wall Plug Efficiency to levels over 42% (WPE).

This results in a 40 % higher efficient use of the electricity and

an energy consumption reduction till 30%

compared to normal laser welding machines.




With PhotonWeld you weld at the lowest cost possible while saving huge energy!

For most laser welded sheet metal parts, the weld quality and the speed of processing are far superior to conventional welding processes, and this ultimately results in increased profit margins. If you consider the complete sheet metal fabrication process (i.e. cutting, bending, punching and welding), welding and refinishing affect approximately 70 percent of the cost per part. This is mainly due to the length of time required and the high consumption costs associated with these processes. These main cost drivers are reduced by laser welding’s consistent quality and cosmetic seams. Our adjustable Wobble Function increases this consistent welding quality and boost the cosmetic perfect result to the highest level.

Since sheet metal fabricators benefit from the laser welding process in various ways, the ROI varies based on the production requirements of the shop. However, a laser welding machine can achieve a very high return on investment based on typical calculations. For example, pay-off time is roughly 7 to 9 months when a fabricator processes parts like covers and boxes, or fixtures such as counters and sinks for the medical or food service industries. This is true even when machine utilization is less than 50 percent and only active one shift per day.

What are we doing for a more environmentally friendly welding?

With our PhotonWelder Laser Welding Machines, you will have a reliable and very economical and ecological tool in your hands helping us to a much greener future.

The welding sector is facing an ecological turning point: a market that employs over 20.000.000 professionals, with a turnover of over 4000 billion euros, that wants to evolve, innovate and embrace a greener processing policy. What are the problems with the highest environmental impact? And what are the possible solutions? Let’s see them together.

The first step towards greener welding is to improve the energy efficiency of the tools used. An action with a dual value: reduction of emissions and increase in productivity of each welding process.

The solution, lasermach propose is the new and revolutionary EcolEner energy saving technology, we talk about energy savings of up to 70%! Given the advance of increasingly smaller and more portable equipment, this goal seems to be closer and closer.

For a Greener Tomorrow

PUT all the pieces together and invest in a photonweld laser Welding Machine

Owing to the high conversion efficiency of the Fiber laser, you can slash your electricity bill. The energy efficiency achieves values of between 40 and 50% – exceptional for laser technology.

Click HERE to visit our new PhotonWeld Website

All latest info on ourPhotonweld Series of laser welding machines here to find

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