Fabricated Metal Sign Letters

Channel Letter Laser Welding Machine

Wobble6PRO+ your perfect partner for letter and ssign making!

Channel Letters Sign are the best way to see your business name in lights; this exterior signage is custom-made metal or plastic and commonly used by businesses and other organizations on building facades. 

When you are looking for signage production products for your business, you should not hesitate to contact lasermach.  Our Wobble6PRO+ is equipped with a special pulse welding program to assemble your signs and letters without any welding marks, before welding together. 

Assemble your signs with invisible perfection and weld your letters and signs without deformation or Heat affected zone. You will save every day tremendous time by not needing to grind, straighten and clean the welds!

Laser Welding for Signs and Lettering, Roadsigns, Billboards, advertising and publicity

Outdoor billboards and roadsigns

Billboards and road signs

Outdoor metal billboards and roadsigns are mainly made of galvanized sheet, stainless steel and aluminum alloy materials, which have rich diversity in material types and sizes and shapes, which also makes the processing of products more difficult. Traditional stamping technology can not meet the needs of product diversification and short proofing cycle due to long die replacement cycle and high cost.

With extreme high energy density, laser welding can process metal plates of different materials and thicknesses, and is not limited by graphics, without mold opening, which greatly shortens the proofing cycle, reduces the proofing cost, reduces the production cost of a single product, and is an ideal processing technology for the billboard industry.